Sprinkler Repair

Chula Vista Lawn Sprinkler RepairA broken sprinkler head can waste close to 100 gallons of water per 10-minute cycle. That can quickly add up to thousands of gallons of scarce and expensive water wasted when a break goes unnoticed.
The cost of the wasted water is very significant. Never mind the potential liability from accidents caused by water overflow on streets and sidewalks.
Ignoring water efficiency and conservation issues will have enormous consequences for all of us and our children. Something so simple as repairing a sprinkler head should not be overlooked or put off until tomorrow. With our water reserves dwindling, we need to make water conservation a daily priority.
Chula Vista Lawn Care can help you save water, there are several ways.
Most people water everything, whether its plants or grass for 10 minutes. Most plants and shrubs do not require that much water. Proper setting of your timer is very important.
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